About Nova Libra
Nova Libra specializes in the maintenance and distribution of product information. Our staff of Microsoft certified programmers combine years of experience with creativity in a highly productive environment. We have a fanatical commitment to customer service and quality that has been fully satisfying our Fortune 500 clients since 1998. Our technology provides the best possible combination of industry standard systems with custom software solutions to produce award winning online and print catalogs and applications. A very broad range of capabilities not only guarantees smooth integration, but also supplies the convenience of one stop shopping. We not only recommend technology, we implement it on time and on budget.
Nova Libra entered the Pharmacy POS market over three years ago, when a regional drug wholesaler presented a need for such a product. We have also developed software for online pharmacies as well as wholesaler replenishment, so our entry into the Pharmacy POS market was a natural progression for Nova Libra. Leveraging our Microsoft certified partner relationship, we have added on software to Microsoft Dynamics RMS to make it suitable for independent pharmacies. We offer the highest degree of quality not just in the product, but also in the service with provide to each of our customers.
For more information about Nova Libra, please contact us at 773-714-1441 or e-mail POS@novalibra.com
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