New POS Reports to streamline your business

Nova Libra has developed additional reports for your Point of Sale system to make running your business easier.

Incomplete Item Information Report:
This report shows you items within your POS system that are missing important data, such as supplier, department, or category. This report is important to run before making Purchase Orders, as items without a supplier will not be usable for automatic PO generation.

Detailed Sales w/Tax Report:
This report details your sales data and includes a tax report for all of your sales. This report ensures that you are paying the proper amount of tax on all items sold.

Price Exception Report:
This report shows a detailed list of all transactions where a price exception was made. If a price exception is made it can sometimes mean that a customer was under or over charged. This report will show you instances where price exceptions were made so that you can both provide great service to your customers and minimize loss to your business.

Item Tax List Report:
This report shows the specific tax associated with the items at your store. Many items have different tax amounts, or are tax exempt. Using this report you can ensure that you have the proper tax assigned to your items.

Nova Libra introduces Demand Chain Management Sales Data Analysis

Nova Libra is introducing a new system for store Owners and Managers to improve business efficiency. If you have ever wondered if you had the right OTC products stocked or if your OTC items were priced properly, then Nova Libra DCM Sales Data Analysis can answer your questions. DCM Sales Data Analysis will have the ability to process reports about your pharmacies' sales data, showing your store sales over time as well as how specific items are performing. In addition to processing detailed sales analysis for your pharmacy, DCM will have the ability to compare your stores data to the other stores in the Nova Libra network. An example of how the data that the DCM Sales Data Analysis provides can help your business is with OTC item pricing. A report can be generated within DCM that will show the lowest price of a specific item in the Nova Libra network, the highest price of an item, and the average price between all stores. That way, if your OTC item is priced at a low level compared to other stores you could increase your price and feel comfortable that demand will still exist for the product at your store. Another example of a report that DCM can generate will show you the best selling OTC items. By looking at the best selling items across many stores, you can make informed decisions about which products your pharmacy should stock. These are just some of the ways that Nova Libra's Demand Chain Management can improve your business' efficiency.

  Nova Libra POS IIAS Compatibility

Nova Libra, a SIGIS member company, is proud to announce that all Nova Libra Point of Sale systems are IIAS compatible. IIAS, or Inventory information approval system, is a point of sale technology that is used by retailers that accept FSA debit cards. An IRS ruling has made a requirement that all pharmacies must have an IIAS system in place before December 31st, 2008 in order to accept any FSA cards. Nova Libra is a leader in providing IIAS solutions, as we helped an e-commerce pharmacy become compliant over a year ago. Now we have taken our expertise to our Pharmacy Point of Sale systems in order to help you become IIAS compliant.

Per IRS ruling 2007-02, pharmacies must be compliant prior to December 31st, 2008.

New Custom Applications to Automate Business Processes

Nova Libra has developed new software applications to automate some of the business processes that your pharmacy uses every day.

POS Register Calculator:
Anyone who has closed the store knows the difficulty of manually counting and adding up the drawer at closing time. The POS Register Application streamlines this process by adding up the money in your drawer using a denomination calculator. This calculator saves you from a lot of time and confusion at closing time.

POS Data Reader:
Manually importing and updating items in your store when you get product updates from your wholesaler can take a long time to finish. Because of this business problem, Nova Libra developed a solution that automates this time consuming process. The POS Data Reader imports new product data from major wholesalers as well as some secondary suppliers like Hallmark into your Point of Sale system. This application provides a solution for inventory control and updates.

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